Betting Bonus – Horse Racing Rebate up to 10%

Horse Betting Promo

Betting Bonus up to 10% Horse Rebate NO Rollovers.

There are no minimum daily volume requirements and there is no maximum on how much you can earn with this betting bonus. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, we will credit you a rebate based on your volume and track categories:

  • A Tracks 10%
  • B Tracks 5%
  • C Tracks 2%
  • Greyhound 1%
  • International 5%

No rebate will be given on canceled wagers or wagers refunded due to a scratch.
No rebate will be given on 2.1 and 2.2 odds.
No rebate will be given on Pick 3
Rebate only applies to wagers placed through the horse wagering interface (Racebook).
It does not apply to any matchups, props or other wagers made through the sportsbook login.
The 10% rebate bonus will be paid daily.

Horse Racing Tracks and Information

A TracksB TracksC TracksGreyhoundInternational
W|P|S Limits$1,000$250$100$100$250
Gimmicks Limits$100$50$20$20$50

All tracks pay full odds up to a maximum of $50,000 betting bonus

Exceptions to the Full Payout Rule, are the following:

A TracksB TracksC Tracks
Exacta 200/1150/1100/1
Daily Double200/1150/1100/1
Pick 3 Max Payouts250/1200/1150/1
Total Payout Limit$25,000$15,000$10,000

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