Golden Gate Fields is one that is looking at an uncertain future. The latest news have mostly been about COVID and the impact that it is having on the sport. While we see some tracks return to business and plan their upcoming season, others are still in the dark.

California has proven to be one of the most restrictive states during the pandemic, so it was perhaps no real surprise to see Golden Gate shut down on Nov. 13 after 200 of the 540 track employees tested positive. The majority of those affected by the virus did not display any kind of symptoms, which was perhaps why it spread so quickly. Once the spread was discovered, there was little choice but to close the track temporarily.

When the announcement of the closure was made, it was suggested that Dec. 1 would be the return date. That date has come and gone, and the track remains closed.

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Golden Gate Fields: What is the Next Step in Re-opening?

The sheer scale of the spread of the virus has a lot of people nervous. The racetrack routinely ran weekly temperature checks on everyone employed at Golden Gate Fields, but the absence of symptoms turned that into a somewhat fruitless enterprise. In this horse racing news, none of the employees affected held the racetrack responsible in any way. That said, the plan moving forward is to be a little stricter on testing.

While the majority of the employees affected by COVID are now back to full health after quarantining, the goal now is to ensure that everyone stays that way. With that in mind, Golden Gate Fields employees will now submit to twice weekly temperature checks while also being required to fill out a health screening form.

Officials at the track have stated that they are more concerned about the health of the people they employ than racing right now. This is not to suggest that they are giving up on the season, which is certainly not the case. The goal now is to reach a point where everyone is virus-free and healthy. Once that has been achieved, the track will then be able to re-open safely. We will try our best to keep you up to date on when that might happen. The hope is that it will be sooner rather than later.

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